The Best Things TO Do in The Asian District In OKC

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Oklahoma’s Asian District has been around since the 1970’s when we had an influx of Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon. This colorful district has an eclectic mix of stores and eateries that will surprise and delight any okie local or traveler. 

Pho Ca Dao is a quaint family owned restaurant. The owners have 20 years of pho cooking experience. They’ll make you traditional Vietnamese dishes with various techniques from all over the motherland. A special attraction to many guests is the Vegan pho so your vegan buddies can enjoy in the pho party. It’s made with Mushroom broth; the perfect February meal to ward off the chill. 

The Red Cup inspires some of the districts unique charm. Found in a reconditioned home serving a full menu of coffee, tea, shakes, and smoothies; It’s a great study hub and relaxing place to catch up with old friends over a vegetarian wrap. Early risers will be glad to know that there is a glorious breakfast menu. 

Super Cao Nguyen is an Asian super Market owned since 1979 by the Luong’s that accumulates all different clients. Its exotic food offerings and attached dining options bring in curious customers to peruse the aisles. Go there to try different snacks and candies for an enjoyable afternoon followed by lunch at Tsubaki Szechuan.

Café Kacao is a local treat for all diners. The café has become quite a sensation over the years creating a diverse addition to the neighborhood. With its amazing Guatemalan brunches and its Latin inspired beverages, it holds the city’s heart captive in the squares of its waffles. Drop by for a meal you won’t forget. 

Check out Lee’s Sandwiches when you’re in the mood for a Vietnamese coffee. They have the BEST iced coffee. My friends can never pass it up when we drive by. The aesthetic feels like an Asian-Euro 1950’s assembly line, if that makes any sense at all.  There’s a great selection of Asian banh mi and Euro sandwiches so that every taste is satisfied. If you make it in time then you can watch fresh baguettes being made in their bread factory. 

The Asian District has changed throughout the years growing and molding with the city around it. It holds historic nostalgia and enchantment for all those who have thrived to create a new home within a new world. The area is an ever improving cultural hub for the past, present and future.