ACA is on the Way

THN-B3-ACA is on the way graphic.png

Open enrollment is starting soon and what better way to prepare than to begin researching now. It begins on November 1st and last through December 15th. Plans that are purchased during this period begin January 1st, 2019. The marketplace is for those who are unable to receive insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, or their workplace. The plan is based upon your household income for the year.

Here are a few things you should know before the big E-day. This year it will only be through December 15th so mark it out on your calendar. The prices will be posted soon after November 1st. The best idea is to get started as soon as possible since the window to enroll is shorter. You can browse on and search for as an agent on the marketplace.

Make sure to choose a policy that’s right for you and not just chosen for it’s premium. Look closely at the co-pays and deductibles that way you know for sure what you will be paying out of pocket. Find what doctors are in network with the plan and especially check to see if your primary care physician is in their network. This will save you much headache in the future flu season. Research what medical services are covered. If you know that you or a family member may need a large surgery or expense soon then it would be wise to find out what services will be covered under your plan.

Decide on a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze plan. Platinum and Gold plans are useful for those with chronic illnesses because they typically have lower deductibles. Also, some premiums are eligible for tax credits. This may be something that will weigh in on your decision while finding a plan. Remember that the metals are the levels of costs and have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of care you will receive. Plans can change year to year so don’t assume that you are receiving the same coverage or paying the same premiums as last year. That’s why it is important to review your plan even if you are continuing to receive coverage through the ACA over the years.

Here is a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. Be sure to gather all of this important information before attempting to conquer the market place. This will help make your transition easier or at least give you an idea of what you need beforehand.

Now you are ready to don your metal of choice and become unyielding in the healthcare conquest.